The Codemoto team cares about our clients and takes pride in our work. We join together to build cool stuff that delivers high value.

Codemoto’s culture encourages the following ideas and behaviors:

  • Transparent leadership who solicits the opinions of others regarding big decisions.
  • A opportunity to work with a wide variety of technologies, clients, and projects.
  • Full-cycle involvement that spans the entire software development life cycle.
  • The ability to take ownership of a project as the Project Lead.
  • The opportunity, resources, and support to master your craft.
  • The chance to collaborate with smart co-workers that challenge you.
  • A lively culture that embraces transparency, curiosity, and continuous learning.
  • A sustainable working pace where overtime is rare and workloads are manageable.
  • The support and encouragement for continued professional development.
  • Input in choosing development tools.
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