Focus your attention on developing world-class applications, instead of worrying about servers and bandwidth.

Cloud computing offers new opportunities and technical advantages previously unavailable to developers. With all major players such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM now offering cloud-based solutions, your application or SaaS can now support real-time scaling, in both directions, to meet the immediate support of your users.

Cloud computing also allows you to rapidly divert users between resources and locations, so you no longer have to worry about servers crashing or machines going offline. Forgo the infrastructure costs and risks of building a large-scale datacenter, cloud computing delivers on- demand scalability and elasticity.

Codemoto can assist in leveraging the benefits of cloud computing:

  • Network scalability, both up and down.
  • Pay as you go model.
  • Avoid large infrastructure expenditures.
  • Ability to track and monitor resource needs.
  • Ability to divert users in real-time.

Codemoto can help you answer the following questions regarding cloud computing in relation to your business:

  • How can cloud computing benefit my business?
  • What is needed to keep our cloud solution secure?
  • How does cloud computing scale, in both directions, to meet user demand?
  • How can a cloud solution help us avoid large capital expenditures on network infrastructure?
Harnessing Big Data

For years, the number of networked devices and linked computers have been growing exponentially. This trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. These massive networks are capable of collecting huge amounts of extremely detailed data. Companies are paying closer attention to data than ever before. Codemoto can assist in determining what data is important, how to capture and store data, and how better data can improve your business.

Take to the Clouds

Codemoto will assist in choosing the cloud infrastructure that best meets your requirements. We will discuss the various options, such as public versus private deployments.

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