Desktop applications provide an unmatched level of security, control, performance, and reliability.
Although there has been a huge shift towards web-based and mobile development, there are many cases where an installable desktop application is still the best choice in meeting the demands of your users.

Windows is still the most widely used operating system (this is especially true) in business environments. We can assist in all aspects of Window’s development by implementing solutions in both C++ and .NET. Whether you need assistance developing a stand-alone application or an entire network of connected smart-clients, we’ve been delivering both for years.

We have built rich, powerful native software applications for Windows and custom hardware systems written in both .NET and C++. We have extensive experience with products built on:

  • .NET Development
  • C++
  • C# and VB.NET
  • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
  • Windows Forms (WinForms)
  • SQL Server
  • InstallShield

With fewer companies offering desktop development services, finding the right partner with years of desktop development experience can be difficult.

Whether you’re interested in developing a completely new desktop product or need assistance maintaining a legacy desktop application, Codemoto is the perfect choice in addressing your software needs and helping you meet your long-term strategic goals.

Whether written in C++ or .NET, maintaining legacy desktop applications can be a difficult and time-consuming challenge. In today’s web-based and mobile world, finding the right talent for legacy desktop technologies can be challenging endeavor.

The Codemoto team can support your legacy Windows applications with minimal, if any, disruptions to your business. We have years of experience supporting and improving legacy desktop applications. Our engineers know how to get up-to-speed on older applications with thousands of lines of code and no documentation.

The benefits to having Codemoto provide support on legacy desktop applications include:

  • Our ability to add new functionality to legacy applications.
  • We can still be productive even on larger systems with little to no documentation.
  • Provide new features and technical support for outdated, older technologies.
  • Add features and functionality with incremental releases.
  • Assist in documenting legacy systems.
  • Keep older systems online and relevant to increase ROI.

Finding the right team to support legacy Windows applications can be challenging. Codemoto can provide seamless support when their are personal changes within your organization. Codemoto can be very effective working on large desktop applications systems with complex, undocumented business logic.

Get in touch! We would love to discuss your next software project.