We’re all visual creatures. Codemoto can assist in the rapid development of an MVP (minimum viable product) prototype.

A prototype plays a crucial role in getting your product or idea in front of users quickly. The Codemoto staff are experts in designing and developing rapid prototypes that help illustrate your idea to potential investors, as well as play a crucial role in soliciting early feedback from early users.

We’ll work closely to define the minimum viable set of features needed to demonstrate your concept. We’ll develop this prototype so it’s extensible and flexible enough to add features based on user feedback. With an emphasis on time-to-market, Codemoto follows an Agile/iterative approach that gets version one built quickly while ensuring a solid foundation for future improvements.

The benefits of prototyping include:

  • Better understanding of product requirements early-on by all stakeholders.
  • Early feedback helps to drive future development.
  • A smaller limited engagement helps understand and mitigate rising development costs.

We’ll begin with an assessment that identifies the following:

  • Map out initial feature set.
  • Flush out technology constraints.
  • Examine performance pitfalls.
  • Document integration risks.
  • Investigate time & budget for deliverables.

Following an iterative approach, you are able to achieve a more thorough understanding of any associated pitfalls and costs, as well as recommendations on how to tackle them head on. A rapid prototype can assist in venturing into software projects that are too risky or of limited value.

Rapid MVP Prototyping with Codemoto

Depending on project size and scope, we can usually deliver an MVP prototype in a matter of weeks or months. Sometimes a prototype can be delivered in days, if we pay special attention to limit feature set and scope. An MVP prototype can assist you in determining initial steps and quickly collect early-user feedback and insight. Fill out the contact form on the right or call us now to get a free consultation for your next software product.

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