Got a legacy product with complex business rules, spaghetti code, and no documentation? Codemoto can help!

Maintaining legacy code and outdated software can be a difficult and time-consuming challenge for many businesses. Finding the right talent for antiquated technologies can be a challenging endeavor.

The Codemoto team can grow and support legacy systems with minimal, if any, disruptions to your business. We have years of experience supporting and improving legacy software systems. Our engineers know how to get up-to-speed on older systems with thousands of lines of code and no documentation.

The benefits to having Codemoto provide support on legacy systems include:

  • Our ability to add new functionality to legacy systems.
  • Productivity on larger systems with little to no documentation.
  • Providing new features and technical support for outdated, older technologies.
  • Adding features and functionality with incremental releases.
  • Assisting in documenting legacy systems.
  • Keeping older systems online and relevant to increase ROI.

Finding the right team to support legacy systems can be very challenging. Codemoto can provide assistance when there are personnel changes within your organization. Codemoto can be effective working on large legacy systems with complex business logic and limited documentation.

Get in touch! We would love to discuss your legacy software systems.