Codemoto implements an Agile development process that focuses on delivering the right features frequently and consistently, while delivering business value quickly and minimizing overhead.

Our Agile software development approach can increase the effectiveness and quality of your software project while maintaining the flexibility to shift with inevitable change.

Our Agile approach provides many opportunities for clients to be involved in all phases of the project. Clients are involved in prioritizing features, planning iterations, and reviewing frequent software builds that contain new features. A high level of collaboration and communication helps to ensure no surprises as your project progesses.

Discovery sessions are help convey the product vision.

To build the right solutions Codemoto needs to fully understand the client’s vision and background when starting a new project. Our Agile software development process begins with a series of Discovery Sessions and research to understand a client’s strategic goals, technical challenges, competitors, customers, and users. These discovery sessions include key members from the project team including the client, project manager, developer, designer, and product owner to ensure a common and shared understanding across the team. The Product Owner serves a crucial role, by partnering with the client to gain a deep understanding of their vision and advocate this vision to other team members on the project.

Create a prioritized wish list of features for your development team.

During the discovery phase, your team works together to create a high-level product backlog. This backlog is a list of all the desired features that would be important to the client and their users. The product manager will work with the client to prioritize features, deciding the order in which the features are developed, tested, and released. By having the client determine priority, the team focusing on building the highest value features first before moving on to lower priority features.

Short development iterations ensure we deliver value quickly and are flexible enough to shift with changing requirements.

Once the team understand the client’s vision and an a high-level backlog of features has been created, the team develops and releasing features through a series of timed iterations, often called Sprints. These Sprints are fixed a duration of between 1 to 4 weeks to deliver a subset of product’s backlog. At the beginning of each Sprint, your Codemoto team holds a Planning Meeting to review and discuss the next product backlog items with the highest priority. Throughout the entire process, the team is refining the details and ensuring the client’s expectations are understood.

At the end of each iteration, the team and client meet at a Review Meeting to review what was accomplished during the Sprint. This review alomost always includs a demo of workable version of the product that includes the newly delivered features. This review acts as a crucial checkpoint to identify feedback and ensure project expectations are being meant.

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