Codemoto has decades of combined experience managing successful software projects. We adhere to flexible project management process that expects requirements to change.

Your dedicated Codemoto project manager ensures that each decision considers your timeline, budget, and the impact on project scope. Your Codemoto project manager will work alongside your internal team to help identify business goals, prepare requirements, and prioritze upcoming development sprints.

Your project manager will also facilitate communication between project stakeholders and the development team. This includes ensuring the client and development team share a common vision, direction, and a clear understanding of development deliverable. From an Agile perspective, the project manager maintains the project board and ensures it’s kept up-to-date, prepares authorized story cards for the development team, monitors status on project budget, and communicates challenges and issues in real-time.

Here is a list of the project manager responsibilities.

  • Implement an Agile project process that expects requirements to change and priorities to shift.
  • Tracks the status of the project budget and timeline.
  • Facilitates communication between the client and development team.
  • Ensure the client and development share a common vision and clearly understand expected deliverables.
  • Assist in discussing business goals and documenting requirements.
  • Help in prioritizing development sprints.