The truth is that software development is a demanding and complicated task, in which bugs occur often. Codemoto implements Test Driven Development to identify and address defects in real-time.

With traditional development approaches, most errors are found during the build stage, just before the code goes live to users. With traditional testing, developers would work hard integrating many new features and then throw the product “over the fence” for Quality Assurance to identify any and all defects. There is no way QA would find everything considering all logic permutations, it wasn’t uncommon for bugs to released into production environments.

Test Driven Development, known a TDD, addresses this problem by pushing testing further upstream, even before actual code is written. TDD allows helps to ensure developers only write the exact code needed in order to meet the requirement, which results in smaller and cleaner codebases.

TDD also allows Codemoto to implement automated testing. Testing automation means that testing is tightly integrated and automatically run daily during the entire development lifecycle. Automating testing helps to mitigate problems where new feature accidentally break earlier features that have already been deployed.

Here is a list of the benefits to Test Driven Development (TDD).

  • Higher quality code with fewer bugs.
  • Better protection from having new features introduce bugs in older code.
  • Reduce the need for manual testing.
  • An automated constant monitor regarding the health of the application.
  • More targeted development effort where only necessary code is written.
  • Improved maintainability and changeability of software.
  • Ability to refactor without fear of breaking things.
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