Proper definition is critical in developing killer applications – software that is intuitive, functional, and speaks to your target audience.
Codemoto works closely to design and develop software solutions inline with your strategic goals and target market. We listen intently before recommending the technologies, platforms, and training required to bring your product to life.

After intense listening and deep discussion, Codemoto will have a solid vision of your software product and technical needs. This vision drives your product’s requirements and is aligned to your underlying business strategy. By articulating product goals, success analytics, and defining the target audience, Codemoto delivers scalable and extensible software products that are both on-time and on-budget. Codomoto’s vision helps in delivering the following:

Software Vision – identify the key goals and objectives for the various stakeholders.

Product Definition – determine minimum viable product (MVP) for the initial release by researching the product space, desired functionality, and competitors.

Audience Interviews – speak with your initial customers and early adopters to validate what features are most important to users and what functionality needs to be developed first.

Creating a project roadmap allows Codemoto to determine the product vision and appropriate development path from concept to functioning software. This roadmap identifies the correct technologies, platforms, and frameworks needed to deliver your product. By finding the perfect balance between features, functionality, cost, and schedule, Codomoto delivers a concise project plan that outlines the timing and priority of development, as well as provides an orchestrated release schedule. The Codemoto roadmap includes:

Product Architecture – design data schemas and architectural diagrams to illustrate the relationships between systems, databases, and functionality.

High-Level Design – design the software architecture and case scenarios that illustrate how to provide a compelling user experience that meets the needs of users.

Product Roadmap – create a project plan and release schedule that charts development deliverables, documentation, and functionality priorities.

Codemoto will ensure that the right technologies and tools are chosen to maximize development productivity, system performance, and software flexibility. Codemoto’s approach covers:

Technology Recommendations – pick the ideal technologies and platforms.

Agile Coaching and Project Management – Codemoto believes in Agile. We can provide training around Agile development and share our insight in successfully managing even the most complex projects.

Product Development Lifecycle – define the responsibilities, processes, and roles to help stakeholders operate effectively as a team.

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