Below are some of the common questions we receive. If you have additional questions, we encourage you to get in touch.

We are a team of business-focused software developers working to bring our clients’ software ideas to life.

Yes. We would love to hear from you. Fill out our contact form to get in touch.

Absolutely. Transparency is a top priority. We keep all code in a shared repository and ensure constant, real-time access. Daily status updates and weekly progress reports are also provided on every project.

Yes. We follow Agile project processes that allow us the flexibility to twist and turn with the needs of your project. It’s important to also note that big project changes might affect budget or schedule.

A normal team for the projects we work on is one or two developers with a project manager or designer, as required. Large teams for larger projects can consist of six to eight people.

For a quick approximation of project timeline, we can take the estimates above and divide by 40 hours for each person assigned to the team. As example, a 1000 hour project takes approximately 2 months of calendar time for a team of 3 people (1000 hours / (3 people * 40 hours/person/week) / 4 weeks/month = ~ 2 months).

For projects that need to be expedited or are larger in scope, we can ramp up and more people to go faster.

Codemoto tracks our time and invoices clients by the hour. If a person on your team is sick, or attending a conference, your project will have less time for that week and your invoice will be smaller. You will be sent an invoice at the end of each two week period. Normally, we extend terms of 15 days to new clients.