The mobile and tablet markets have exploded with new opportunities. Mobile applications offer new creative and powerful ways for users to connect with your product.
Codemoto understands the mobile market. We can play a major role in helping your organization go mobile. Most products nowadays have a mobile component to extend the reach of your product. Some software products are 100% mobile. Codemoto can assist in developing a mobile strategy for your organization that is tailored to your target audience and demographic.

Codemoto’s mobile development skills span many technologies, with the expertise to develop apps for all major platforms. Our development team can design powerful apps from scratch, migrate an existing application to a new platform, and provide support for your application after it’s already been released into production.

Our present skill set includes these platforms:

  • iOS – iPhone & iPad
  • Android OS
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows 8 (WinRT/WPF/HTML5)

Codemoto can help you develop apps across a number of scenarios:

  • Mobile Gaming
  • Business Apps
  • Dashboards, Analytics, and Reporting
  • Integration With APIs and Web-services
  • Monitoring and Equipment Control
  • Location and Geolocation Apps
  • “In The Field” Applications

Native Development
Native applications are designed and developed for a single platform. Native applications are better suited to leverage the power and capabilities of the chosen platform. Developing individual native applications for several platforms requires a larger investment, but often times users benefit by delivering advanced features unique to the platform. Native applications are often able to leverage multi-gestures and advanced animations, better performance, as well as harness the ability of push notification and tightly integrated communication. Users nowadays expect this rich features in mobile games or interactive data dashboards.

Hybrid Applications
Hybrid applications leverage the benefits of both native and HTML5 applications. Normally, we design and develop hybrid apps using HTML5 and JavaScript wrapped within a native container. Hybrid apps benefit from a consistent interface while also enjoying access to the platform native capabilities. This development approach allows Codemoto to develop powerful, sophisticated apps that support code re-purposing across different platforms. It is also possible to distribute Hybrid applications within app stores and other marketplaces.

HTML5 Mobile Applications
Codemoto’s development team possesses a strong web development background and can efficiently apply these skills to deliver mobile applications using HTML5. We’ll design mobile solutions using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to deliver mobile apps that run on the majority of mobile platforms, tablets, phones, and other devices. HTML5 applications are easier to maintain and distribute. Although, HTML5 applications often times cannot leverage the advanced features accessbile to native and hybrid applications.

Mobile Usability
Since you have less real estate, crucial design considerations must be factored in when developing mobile applications. More intuitive user experiences yield higher adoption in often competitive marketplaces. To ensure better user adoption, Codemoto pays special attention to your app’s usability, as well as keeps close tabs on the app’s feature-set and performance.

Responsive Design
Our front-end designers will implement a responsive design approach that allows for multi-device support. This delivers an intuitive, rich user experience while weighing the need and costs of delivering native applications across various platforms. Our goal is to meet the needs of you users without breaking your budget.

API Integration to Existing Systems
We’ll do our best to build mobile apps that reuse existing systems and application programming interfaces to deliver back-end connectivity to existing systems and databases. We’re mindful to not re-invent the wheel and build something brand new, unless absolutely neccessary. Codemoto can assist in the integration and development APIs that act as a conduit between new mobile applications and your existing back-end systems.

Go Mobile with Codemoto

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