Codemoto’s Workflow: From Proposal to Project

Start by getting in touch, we love talking tech.

We take listening seriously! We’ll get started by learning about your business and listening to the technical project at hand. We ask about your customers and target audience in order to fully understand your development needs. If we think we can help, we will begin work on a formal proposal.

This proposal outlines a high-level description of your product’s desired features and includes an initial budget estimate and timeline. We will use this outline combined with our experience to calculate an estimated cost. As we delve deeper, the estimate and timeline might be be refined.

We’re committed to building the right solution, once.

Before we start coding, we’ll assist you in creating a strategic roadmap for your product. We’re focused on documenting the most important features first. We’ll want to document the needs of your business and users, as well as take a close look at your competitors. Spending the time to create a strategic roadmap ensures we’re developing the right features and choosing the correct technologies.

Once we understand the vision and challenges of the project, we now have the knowledge to begin designing the initial features and interface. It’s quite possible we’ll be refining our initial timeline and budget projections to ensure no suprises.

We speak your language!

We’re very mindful to describe the project in English first. We do not require you to speak our language of technologies and platforms, we communicate in plain English. At Codemoto, the design process is about conceptualizing ideas, documenting workflows, discussing risks, and planning solutions.

We encourage open communication and collaboration to avoid re-work.

By harnessing the right collaboration tools and keeping communication channels open, we can ensure that project requirements don’t “fall through the cracks” or get “lost in translation”. Since we’re all visual creatures, we’ll be producing wire-frame mock-ups and architectural diagrams.

Let’s roll-up our sleeves and get coding!

We’ve done the research and are ready to get starting developing your product. Our design and development processes are aimed at delivering maintainable, intuitive, and extensible software. We start by developing the most important feature firsts. This allows us result in tangible value early in the process. This feature-driven approach places the focus on the most crucial aspects of the project and syncs our design & development efforts with your targets for success and timeline.

Codemoto develops your product incrementally, one validated and vetted feature at a time. Our goal is to add new features and value to the project delivered in short iterations. Our test-driven development approach ensures that each feature delivered is fully tested and targeted.

A focused and flexible development process.

We expect requirements to change and priorities to shift. Therefore, we implement an agile project management process that allow you to monitor the backlog of features in real-time with your development team. This allows you to shift and change your development features and priorities to match your changing business. We’ll have weekly iteration meetings to select the next wave of deliverable features. By keeping developers and stakeholders in close contact, we can change development goals on-the-fly and avoid surprises, while delivering a more transparent working relationship.

Responsive support when needed.

We’re looking to build long-term client relationships. Once development is completed, Codemoto is still available to maintain and extend your application, when needed. The high quality of our work translates into low maintenance costs. You can rely on us as a long-term partner to support our work in a quick and efficient manner.

Ensuring your code is safe and sound.

You projects are always stored safely in our version control system. We constantly test our backup procedures and adhere to strict disaster recovery plan that ensure your code is kept safe. We store backups both locally and offsite. Our build and deployment servers are constantly monitoring your project, and running all the tests on every change.